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About A Tapir's Tale


The ritual of caring for your baby through a nice warm bath has existed for centuries. It is an opportunity for caregivers to express unspoken signals of love, support and comfort to their children. For infants and young children, the touch of their caregivers' hands imparts a sense of emotional reassurance within this wondrous and incomprehensible world around them. At A Tapir's Tale, we love bath time and aim to contribute to this exceptional experience with our products.

We believe that the products you use regularly- cleansers, moisturisers and sunblock should be gentle, safe and effective. For baby skincare products, the type of ingredients used are significant, and we believe in using the best possible natural and nature-inspired ingredients kind to baby skin. Our simple and functional products can be used on the face and body, keeping the guesswork out of the picture and allowing caregivers to immerse themselves in this beautiful bonding time fully.

Our products are formulated for babies and children but can be enjoyed by the whole family!