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Brand Concept


Made in Japan

Thoughtfully formulated and produced in Japan with high quality botanicals and proven skincare ingredients, we have curated a range of gentle and skin nourishing skincare that you and your family can count on every single time. 
The pristine nature of Japan inspires our products. We believe that a good climate, fertile soil and responsible farming practices make a difference in the quality of ingredients. We chose to make and product our products in Japan with majority of our ingredients traditionally grown and harvested there too. This ensures that your family is getting the best, high quality skincare.

We use nature-derived botanicals like Sakura Leaf Extract, Green Tea and Scutellaria Baicalensis Root extract in our skincare collection. Our products also include other skin-loving ingredients like Aloe Vera, Centella Asiatica and Jojoba Oil.Each ingredient is specially curated due to its gentle, nourishing properties. This makes it suitable for those with sensitive and atopic skin conditions.

Botanicals meet Science

We have high respect for science and focus on a formulation philosophy backed by lab studies and natural ingredients. We have carefully curated a mix of skin-loving botanicals and proven lab-tested actives that are beneficial to even the most delicate skin. 

We take a more adult-minded mindset for our formulations. We use ingredients uncommonly found in baby skincare products such as Hyaluronic acid, Soybean peptides, and Soluble collagen due to their potency and the long-term skin benefits it brings.We care about functionality with long-term results.  

Skincare Gentle Enough for Babies; and Effective for the Entire Family

More than just catering to babies, our skincare essentials are suitable for the whole family. With it's lightweight and skin-soothing blends, our formulations are especially suited for hot and humid weather. 

Our products do not contain Artificial Coloring, Synthetic Fragrances, Parabens, UV Absorbers or Mineral Oil. Boosting a plethora of hydrating and nourishing properties, these skincare solutions give you peace of mind as you look after your family's skin health. We consciously use only one type of essential oil, the Rosa Damascena for its benefits for sensitive skin.

A Tapir's Tale is all about fun, simple and functional skincare for the whole family. Each product can be used from head to toe so there is no guess work needed! 

We love that after a day of drooling due to teething or a messy day on the playground, bath time gives us a fresh new start. We’ve created this gentle line of skin care basics to help keep you and your little ones clean, fresh, and moisturized all day long. We hope your family feels the same joy from these products as we do!