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Moist milk 400ml | A Tapir's Tale Baby Skincare

A bigger size of our popular milky lotion that has 3 essential ceramides to supplement and preserve skin moisture and oil content while strengthening the skin barrier. It has added Centella Asiatica and Sakura Leaf Extract to help soothe and protect baby skin while boosting hydration and retaining moisture. Safe and gentle on sensitive and atopic skin for face and body. Formulated for newborns and children.

  • Soft, non-greasy moisture to the skin
  • Contains nano-type hyaluronic acid gives abundant moisture to the skin.
  • Softens skin and smoothes rough patches
  • Also suitable for adults with sensitive skin
  • Great to use if there is frequent exposure to aircon or if skin feels 'tight'
  • Suitable for those with normal to drier skin types
  • Great for all weather conditions including hot and/or humid climate such as in Singapore

Made in Japan

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